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  EZ- 2  ·  ½" to 2" PVC Pipe Bender

1700 Watts, 115 V AC, 15 Amp

Plug in, heat, rotate, bend, and glue: That is how quick and easy it is to use an  EZ BEND® PVC Bender with rigid, non-metallic electrical conduit. Our durable powder-coated unit, plugs into a standard grounded outlet and will stand up to a rugged construction site and constant use. We guarantee all our PVC Benders with a THREE (3) YEAR WARRANT.

Model No. EZ-2- infrared (Price: $375.00)

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    EZ- 2X  ·  ½" to 2" PVC Pipe Induction Bender

  1610 Watts, 115 V AC, 15 Amp

This rugged steel unit keeps several small conduit sections at the perfect forming temperature. You do not have to stand next to the unit to rotate the conduit once the correct temperature has been reached. The EZ-2X features an adjustable thermostat for various weather conditions, "on" and "cycle" indicating lights, and five foot power cord. The EZ-2X is the ideal bender for volume conduit installation by allowing you to place up to 5 pieces of ½" PVC electrical conduit in the unit at one time.                                             

Model No. EZ-2X Induction (Price: $ 498.00)

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