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2" - 8" PVC Bender

6300 Watts, 239 V AC, 28 Amp Each Unit

The EZ-8 consists of two separate units that are combined to make one large unit. One unit is  an EZ - 8P "Powerdrive" PVC Bender with ARS-46 Adjustable Roller Stand, and one (1) set of 8" Bending Plugs. This unit will spin the plugged pipe for you to help achieve even heat around the circumference of the pipe for smoother bends. When you are not bending 8" conduit , use this bender to bend 2", 4'', or 6'' PVC  on the job site. The second unit is an  EZ - 8 manual PVC Bender that comes with an ARS - 46 Adjustable Roller stand. This unit is designed to hold and heat 8'' PVC when clamped together with the "Powerdrive" section. When it's not being used to bend 8" PVC, it can easily function to heat 2'', 4'', or 6'' PVC pipe or all sizes in between. For more information on the unit, please contact us. Each unit requires it's own power source. Overall Dimension for heat is 11" feet.

Model No. EZ-8" & 8P "POWERDRIVE" (Price: $3900.00)

EZ 8p

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